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 Certificados de Análise

 Certificates of Analysis

 Certificados de Analisis

 Introduza no campo abaixo o lote de OleoTest® para o qual pretende obter o respectivo Certificado de Análise, e de seguida pressione OK.


Disponível apenas para lotes produzidos a partir de Janeiro de 2013

 Please type on the box below the OleoTest® lot number for which you need the respective  Certificate of Analisys and press OK.


Available for lots produced only after January 2013

 Por favor, escriba en la caja abajo el número de lote de Oleotest® para o qual necesita lo respectivo Certificado de Análisis y pulse OK.


Disponible somente para lotes producidos a partir de Enero 2013


Lote / Lot / Lote (ex: 113200) OT  



OleoTest® is the most effective solution in the market for quality control of frying oils.

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Used oil means danger to health, as it causes malignous tumors and other diseases.

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OleoTest® is the rapid test for the control of frying oils. Accurate results in 2 minutes!

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